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Writer. Wife. Mom. Runner. Crocheter. Cancer patient in a pandemic.

Back to a sense of normalcy

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When I was a kid my parents put me on a summer swim team. I was in 3rd grade and couldn’t swim, but my dad thought it would be “fun.” For the next 5 years, my brother attended early morning practices and attended meets twice a week. My dad was right. It was fun. I have a lot of memories of cheering for my friends, endless hours on the pool deck, my dad coming straight from work and cheering us on, my mom spending her time writing out ribbons or helping out with concessions.

When my children were old enough…

Gaining Perspective

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The summer of 2020 was fraught with tension, anger, and frustration. That doesn’t even begin to cover it and in fact, puts it too mildly.

America had been stuck in a quasi lockdown with the pandemic for over two months and as the temps outside rose, tempers flared.

People were arguing about whether or not to wear masks or if COVID was a hoax. Spoiler: Covid is not a hoax.

As we kept to ourselves and missed our friends and family, we had nothing to do but scroll social media and watch the news.

And then we heard a grown…

Nudging my teenager forward

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I have so many conflicted feelings about Mother’s Day. I have my own complicated relationship with my mother. (Think Filipino version of Lorelai and Emily, but with less money and less well dressed. If you know, you know.)

I love being a mama to four amazing kids. They make my decision to become a stay-at-home Mom so worth it. But it’s not always easy. Parenting is never easy. There are some really good stretches where life just flows. And then there are some really challenging stretches and I feel like I’m barely holding on by my fingernails.

Right now I’m…

Anger, Confusion, Grief, and a lot of WTAF…

Author with her parents

I heard about the shootings in Georgia. I saw a picture of the shooter. And then I saw #stopasianhate all over social media. And I have still subconsciously avoided the story about the Asian women who were murdered. Why? Because I’m Asian and I’m not.

Wait. What? How can I be Asian and not? Because I am Hapa: Half Filipino and Half Caucasian. I was born in the Philippines and grew up in America. My mom is Filipina and my dad is caucasian, a white guy born and raised in Southern California.

When I was a teenager I would get…

Marylanders Have Been Doing it Wrong All This Time?

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It’s summer time in Maryland and it can only mean one thing. Its time to pick crabs. I haven’t always been a Marylander, but this has been my home for almost 30 years.

Twenty years ago I married a Baltimore man, and one of the first things I had to learn was how to pick crabs. I’ve had to do it on my own ever since. I’ve had to do it on my own ever since. The first rule of crab picking is that you pick your own. I quickly learned that marriage vows do not include picking crabs for…

Open in 2038

Brood X Cicada, Image by Author

Although we no longer hear the siren songs of cicada mating season in Maryland, lady cicadas and their razor bottoms have left us with a parting gift. If you look around your neighborhood, you’ll be able to find them. All you have to do is look up into the trees.

We didn’t see too many cicadas in my part of Gaithersburg, but we certainly heard their eerie pulsating hum. However, go into Baltimore, and you were hard-pressed to take a step without bumping into one or having one fly into your car.

Even though we didn’t see them in Gaithersburg…

No longer a legacy of racial inequality but one of positive advocacy

Odessa Shannon/Screenshot by author from a County Cable Montgomery Interview in 2015

Colonel Edward Brooke Lee is a historical figure lauded as a war hero, has ties to the Declaration of Independence, and participated in Maryland and Montgomery County politics. Lee’s great-grandfather, Richard Henry Lee, who represented Virginia in the Senate, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Lee, himself, represented Maryland in the U.S. Senate. Due to his illustrious military career and his contributions to Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland, one of the legacies he left behind was having a school named after him in 1966: Colonel E. Brooke Lee Middle School in Kemp Mill, Maryland.

Who are you for yourself?

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I recently watched a TikTok video from the_holistic_mystic that struck a chord for me. It asked the question, “What was your Flip of a Switch Moment for You?” Mine came from my pre-teen daughter.

TikTok Video from@the_holistic_mystic

I was having a tough day. First, judging by some reactions when I walked into the room, I knew that someone was talking badly about me behind my back to his employees. …

Life is short, no regrets

Kimo Rice, Tour Guide Extraordinaire (Photo taken by Author)

When you hear your tour guide say, “I love my job!” at 9 a.m., he’s already having a good day, he’s ready for adventure, and he’s taking you along for the ride. And you, my friend, just go with it.

By way of a happy accident, instead of registering us for the self-guided bike ride down Haleakala, my husband signed us up for the guided express tour with Cruiser Phil’s Bike Maui.

In retrospect, it was perfect. It gave my husband the freedom to enjoy his ride without having to worry about me. While I am a competent bike rider…

Deacon Bill Jauquet reflects on faith first nurtured in Newald

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On June 13, 2021, William J. Jauquet celebrated the 25th anniversary of his ordination as a deacon in the Catholic Church. His story that took him to Green Bay and Baltimore, included 5 children and 23 grandchildren, first began in a small town in northern Wisconsin. The celebration of the anniversary of his ordination recognized his years of service to Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The celebration began with a special Mass during which Deacon Jauquet offered the homily. …

Heather Jauquet

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