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Writer. Wife. Mom. Runner. Crocheter. Cancer patient in a pandemic.

Anger, Confusion, Grief, and a lot of WTAF…

I heard about the shootings in Georgia. I saw a picture of the shooter. And then I saw #stopasianhate all over social media. And I have still subconsciously avoided the story about the Asian women who were murdered. Why? Because I’m Asian and I’m not.

Wait. What? How can I be Asian and not? Because I am Hapa: Half Filipino and Half Caucasian. I was born in the Philippines and grew up in America. My mom is Filipina and my dad is caucasian, a white guy born and raised in Southern California.

When I was a teenager I would get…

The parallel lives of its owners Taylor Swift and Rebekah Harkness

On July 24, 2020, amid a pandemic, Taylor Swift dropped her 8th album, folklore with a surprise release.

A natural-born storyteller, Taylor Swift shares her writing process and inspiration during the folklore: the long pond sessions documentary on Disney+. During conversations with co-collaborators and producers Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff, Swift shares how her work on folklore is inspired by stories of someone other than herself.

Swift, known for her autobiographical songwriting, shared that the pandemic gave her time to move beyond the realm of her own experiences and reflect on those of other people. Unlike previous albums, Swift’s pandemic…

Practical advice for your high schooler

My son is a freshman this year. One of his required classes is Advanced Placement (AP) Seminar. He has to create a portfolio and take an online 3-hour exam. Why would I want my 15 year old doing this? Well, for one, Advanced Placement courses can garner college credit if he does well on the exam in May.

Advanced Placement students across the country have been working all year to learn and study for an exam that will take place in May. Scores range from 5 (Well qualified) to 1(No Recommendation). Without a doubt, a 5 will get you college…

Serving clients with respect and dignity

More client choice food programs are becoming available around the country. Client choice food programs allow people who are seeking food assistance to choose for themselves what products they receive. It cuts down on waste and it also allows people to have autonomy in their food choices. It is also a way to provide dignity for people who are in need of help.

There are different types of client choice pantries. Some resemble small grocery stores where clients can walk and choose their own food. Others will provide a list to their clients letting them know what they have.


Get Yours Now at the Nearest Location

I was introduced to YouTube star, Mr. Beast by my son. He was enthralled with not only with the stunts from Mr. Beast, but also his philanthropic approach to his YouTube fame. I’m usually wary of internet sensations, but I will say, that you haven’t watched a Mr. Beast video yet, you should. And it’s pretty much “G” to “PG” rated. There’s minimal language and it’s non-violent unless you count being pelted with water balloons. …

Frank Raises More Than $131,000 For Food Banks

In a quiet neighborhood in Ohio, Frank the Gargoyle made his appearance on the front steps of his home. A neighbor took offense at Christmas time and wrote a letter to Frank’s owner, Denise Starr, telling her that Frank wasn’t festive enough for the Christmas season. According to Karen, the Cranky Neighbor:

“Frank needed to be moved out of sight because he ‘wasn’t festive and in keeping with the holiday spirit.’”

After 10 months of a pandemic, Frank’s owner was having none of it and Frank showed up with a Santa hat and brought some porch friends to keep him…

A hidden gem in Damascus, Maryland

In 2019 a friend and I discovered the Music Cafe in Damascus, Maryland. It has a wonderful back patio for outdoor dining. I’ve been there three times now and have yet to sit in the dining room because I’ve enjoyed eating outside on their back patio. Though (pre-pandemic) I’ve visited the loo while there was live music playing in the dining room.

To provide first-class, live entertainment by using established musicians and serving delicious food, mouthwatering desserts, gourmet coffee, espresso, beer, and wine.” The Music Cafe Mission Statement

The last time we were there…

Employment services: resume writing, training, and job searches

There are several programs to help individuals with Homeless prevention by the way of employment training or finding housing: transitional, temporary, or permanent. More often than not, these programs also have a food pantry or a soup kitchen where someone can receive groceries or a meal.

During the pandemic, food pantries were showing an uptick for those needing help with groceries. For many, the pandemic meant job loss and therefore a loss of steady income. …

Finding that unicorn appointment

Author’s Note: This article has information specifically about finding vaccination schedules in Maryland and Washington, DC. However, towards the bottom, I list universal sites, tips, and tricks that can help you find a vaccination appointment no matter where you live. Happy hunting!

Did you know that Maryland and Virginia do not have residency requirements to book a COVID vaccine appointment? I didn’t know that until I helped a friend from Washington, DC schedule an appointment. She had specific requirements: it needed to be Pfizer and it had to be somewhere close enough to take Metro and/or Uber. …

How are you going to eat them?

They’re coming! Are you ready? The 17 year cicadas are due back between April and June this year. They are called Brood X or Great Eastern Brood. Billions, yes billions, of cicadas will grace us with their presence for about six weeks.

According to meteorologist Justin Berk’s official social media page, “Ground temps appear to be warming faster than expected, meaning they could be here sooner.”

West Virginia University Biologist, Matt Kasson, tells the New York Times:

They are ready but waiting for the soil to be warm enough. The ideal soil temperature for cicadas is about 64 degrees. For…

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